It is the purpose of ASA Electronics to develop and maintain a leadership position in the research, development, manufacture, and worldwide distribution of electronic products, specializing in Family Entertainment Systems (FES) and Video Observation Systems (OBS) for mobile applications.

Our reason for being is to develop quality products designed to meet the specialty needs of our customers at a competitive price. As with any company, to succeed we must achieve significant growth in sales and profits, now and in the future. Our uniqueness is derived from our ability to innovate in response to our customers' special application needs. To better anticipate those needs, we will seek to form alliances with our customers, which allow us to participate in the planning and design of their new products.

We commit to team member and customer involvement to achieve continuous improvement in our product, processes, and services. We will do this by utilizing appropriate international quality standards and complying with all applicable product safety codes. Our people will be the most important element in the accomplishment of our mission. We will provide a work environment in which people are treated with respect, teamwork is fostered, information is shared, and development of staff is a priority.

We will continue to source and manage our product flow in ways that contribute to quality and operational efficiency. This may mean obtaining product from a combination of domestic and foreign sources, as well as our own manufacturing operation. We will continue to be good corporate citizens of our communities, which means we will be socially and environmentally conscientious. Our integrity is everything. Adhering to the highest ethical standards, we intend to operate this business in such a way that it will be here in 100 years.