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ASA Electronics Introduces iN-Command Lite RV Control System
October 9, 2017

ASA Electronics is proud to introduce the latest addition to the line of iN-Command RV Control Systems. iN-Command Lite makes 21st century campsite control more accessible for every level of the RV market. This system utilizes a more compact body control module and tailored features that make it ideal for any RV or travel trailer.

ASA Electronics Expands Jensen Audio Line
October 3, 2017

ASA Electronics continues to expand their impressive line of JENSEN® audio equipment with the JWM10A. The JWM10A boasts two speaker zones and four speaker outputs.

ASA Electronics to Offer Voyager Prewire Kit to RV Manufacturers
September 27, 2017

ASA Electronics is making it easier and more accessible for RV owners to install wireless observation systems on their coaches. ASA is now offering the Voyager® WVH100PW Prewire kit to RV manufacturers. The WVH100PW is factory-installed and has a 12 Volt DC connector that ties into existing wiring, bringing ASA’s innovative WiSight Digital Wireless technology to the coach.

ASA Electronics Unveils Two-Way Speaker for RV Market
September 26, 2017

ASA Electronics is adding to their impressive line of JENSEN audio equipment with the JWMS350 speaker. The two-way acoustical speaker was engineered to offer more options for seamless RV installation.

ASA Electronics Is Giving Customers More Control with New App Ready Wallmount Stereo
September 25, 2017

ASA Electronics is making it easier than ever to integrate technology into the RV with the JENSEN® JWM70A. This wallmount stereo is App Ready with Bluetooth connectivity for the most versatile listening experience possible. Campers can wirelessly pair any Bluetooth-enabled smart device with the JWM70A and stream their own personal music library. With the jControl app from JENSEN®, RV enthusiasts will be able to listen to their favorite music and control it, too.

ASA Electronics Expands Voyager Sensor Offerings
September 25, 2017

When it comes to commercial vehicles, ASA Electronics knows that bigger is not always better for front end visibility. The Voyager® CVFPS16 Front Sensor System helps make maneuvering large vehicles less stressful. The system comes equipped with four sensors and an IPX6 waterproof camera. Visual and audible alerts help keep drivers fully aware of their vehicle’s proximity to objects.

ASA Electronics Chosen to "Amp Things Up" with Adrenaline Toy Haulers
September 21, 2017

ASA Electronics is providing a complete JENSEN® audio/video package for Coachmen’s 2018 Adrenaline Toy Hauler. The Adrenaline will feature JENSEN’s new App Ready JWM70A stereo, powerful 12 volt JMPSW800 amplified subwoofer, and marine grade MS650 coaxial speakers, along with a 40-inch LED TV to complete the entertainment system.

ASA Electronics Debuts Upgraded Wallmount Stereo
September 20, 2017

ASA Electronics is a full line of brand new JENSEN® wallmount stereos, starting with the JWM60A. The system combines the very best in advanced audio technology with a sleeker profile that maintains the same JENSEN® footprint that has been used in over one million units on the market today, making replacing or upgrading a breeze. Snap-side bezels on the control panel add a sophisticated, modern look while hiding the stereo’s mounting screws.

ASA Electronics® to Supply JENSEN® Stereos, TVs to New Line of inTech Trailers
September 19, 2017

ASA Electronics is proud to announce they will be providing JENSEN stereos and TVs to inTech Trailers for their new Luna models. The Nappanee based trailer manufacturer is unveiling the new unit at the Elkhart RV Open House. The Luna will be equipped with the brand new JWM70A wallmount stereo, which boasts industry-first independent volume control of three speaker zones, as well as 40-inch TVs.

JENSEN® Products to be Featured in Redesigned Forest River Fifth Wheel
September 18, 2017

ASA Electronics® has been chosen to supply Forest River with a full entertainment package for their Cedar Creek Silverback edition fifth wheel. The Cedar Creek Silverback has been completely redesigned, with two new floor plans coming in model year 2018. The entertainment system features JENSEN® TVs, the JENSEN® JSB2000 sound bar, and the brand new App Ready JENSEN® JWM70A wallmount stereo.

ASA Electronics Offers the Latest in Observation Technology for the RV Market
September 12, 2017

ASA Electronics is introducing the latest Voyager® Rear Mount Camera to the RV market. The VCMS17B has been engineered to be tougher than ever, prepared to go the distance wherever your travels may take it. This top-of-the-line rear mount observation camera is completely protected from the elements. With IP69K-rated waterproofing and ASTM-B117-tested corrosion resistance, the VCMS17B is designed to withstand any environment or weather condition.

ASA Electronics Brings iN-Command RV Control System To The RV Factory
September 6, 2017

ASA Electronics is pleased to announce that The RV Factory will be using the iN-Command ProPlus RV Control System on their new Luxe Gold Luxury Fifth Wheels. The RV Factory will debut the new model at America’s Largest RV Show in Hershey, Pennsylvania for model year 2018. “iN-Command is exactly what our customers have been asking for,” said The RV Factory President, Steve Janowski. “They have the smart technology at home and they want to be able to bring it on the road with them and the RV industry is finally starting to catch on. When we heard about iN-Command, we knew this system was the one for us.”

ASA Electronics Provides Complete Entertainment Package to Forest River Vengeance Line
September 5, 2017

ASA Electronics is pleased to announce that Forest River Vengeance and Vengeance Touring lines will feature a complete suite of JENSEN® audio visual products for model year 2018. “I wanted JENSEN® for their complete package reputation. All of their products really do function as a cohesive system. My customers can download their jControl app to control everything,” said Vengeance Division Sales Manager, Brad Short.

ASA Electronics Develops New Replacement Rearview Mirror Monitor
August 1, 2017

Introducing the latest Voyager® Replacement Rearview Mirror Monitor from ASA Electronics. Changing lanes, merging into traffic, and backing-up have never been so manageable.

ASA Electronics® Launches Latest Polk Ultramarine Audio System
July 31, 2017

ASA Electronics continues to design the latest and most innovative systems in the marine audio market with the P1 Marine Source stereo. The P1 is app-ready, Bluetooth enabled, and Sirius XM compatible. Engineered with the boat in mind, the P1 has a two part modular design with an IPX6-rated waterproof commander for the helm and an IPX5-rated waterproof hideaway module.

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