ASA Electronics Debuts New Blind Spot Detection System for Motorhomes


Voyager, RV



ASA Electronics is making motorhome travel safer with the Voyager® VBSD3 Blind Spot Detection System. This system is designed to provide motorhomes with technology similar to what the automotive industry uses to make drivers aware of objects that aren’t always visible with traditional mirrors.

The VBSD3 system uses two radar sensors with 1T2R antenna technology to detect objects in the blind zone that may be approaching from the front or passing from the rear. These sensors are installed on the rear corners of the motorhome in heavy duty waterproof housings. When an object is detected, the sensors trigger two LED light beacons, which are flush-mounted on the A-pillars of the cab.

When a vehicle or object enters the motorhome’s designated blind zone, the LED beacons will light and remain lit until the object leaves the blind zone. The light will flash and is accompanied by an audible beep when an object is detected while the turn signal is engaged. The same alerts are triggered by rear cross-traffic detection when the motorhome is in reverse.