ASA Electronics® Unveils Universal Bongiovi Acoustic Labs Amplifier



ASA Electronics has once again joined forces with Bongiovi Acoustic Labs to make their patented Digital Power Station technology more accessible for the marine market. The new ASABG6 Six-channel Amplifier is all about ease for the builder. The amp works with all of ASA Electronics’ audio brands so it can be utilized across entertainment packages as needed. And using Bongiovi’s patented DPS algorithm, we are able to preprogram each amp with as many as 10 unique profiles.

Bongiovi’s DPS Core Technology automatically adjusts and remasters music in real-time, without having to manually change any audio levels. Audio profiles are custom-tuned for the size of the boat and the position of the speakers. While OEMs are able to individually tune each boat if desired, the preloaded selectable profiles help speed up the tuning process on the assembly line by eliminating the need to upload software to each boat.

This compact yet powerful amplifier will easily fit into any boat build or configuration. The amp has six channels of 50-watt power and the ability to bridge channels five and six to support subwoofer installation. The waterproof, corrosion- and UV-resistant materials and rigorous testing process ensure that this amp is built to last.