ASA Seeks Claims for Fraud & Punitive Damages Against Lippert Components



Based on new evidence uncovered in its ongoing legal battle with Lippert Components, ASA Electronics now seeks to pursue claims for fraud and punitive damages against Lippert and Vince Smith. This past October, the Elkhart Circuit Court issued a 28-page preliminary injunction order against Lippert Components and Smith after Smith misappropriated ASA’s trade secrets and used those trade secrets while working for Lippert. After the preliminary injunction order, the parties attempted to settle their disputes at mediation on March 26. That mediation, however, was unsuccessful.

“We were hopeful to resolve our disputes with Lippert and Smith at mediation on March 26, but unfortunately that didn’t happen,” said ASA Electronics’ CEO, Tom Irions. “Now it’s time for us to get our case ready for trial in order to make ASA whole. We believe that what Lippert did isn’t right, it isn’t fair, and it goes against the principles that Lippert claims to value. We encourage everyone to read our proposed amended complaint, filed April 3, 2020, which outlines in detail how Lippert harmed us.”