Crest Pontoon Adds Klipsch® Marine to Select Models


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Crest Pontoon is the first pontoon builder to offer ASA Electronics’ Klipsch Complete Marine Sound System. The system will be standard on Crest’s high-end Continental and Savannah lines for model year 2020.

Klipsch Marine Speaker Installed on Crest Pontoon
The Klipsch Complete Marine Sound System is a cut above other marine systems. Each component is installed and precisely tuned to achieve peak performance, creating tailor-made systems for every Continental and Savannah configuration. The special tuning is courtesy of the Bongiovi Digital Power Station Core Technology at the heart of the system. This groundbreaking technology combines recording studio quality with the live performance sound that made Klipsch famous.

Bongiovi DPS dynamically adjusts and remasters your music in real-time to eliminate noise and distortion at any volume while also minimizing ambient noises like wind and engines. This creates crystal clear audio exactly way the artist intended for their music to be heard.

Crest Pontoon will also be offering an upgraded package for Savannah models, featuring additional 7.7-inch Klipsch Marine speakers built directly into the tower.



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