iN∙Command App Update Brings New Features



ASA Electronics has added brand new features to our iN∙Command Global Connect app. The app, now available for Android and iOS devices, offers improved functionality for dealerships and end-users alike.

One of the major upgrades is the addition of a demo mode for the app. This allows dealers and RV owners to see and interact with all the functions of the iN∙Command Control Systems with Global Connect without being connected to the control system in their RV.

“We’re excited to be able to offer this new demo feature as a tool for dealership training and sales. We know it isn’t always practical to power up an RV on the sales lot so this is another option to help get salespeople familiar with iN∙Command so they are better able to show the system to their customers,” said Jim Hess, vice president of the RV division at ASA Electronics.

The latest app update will also help put RV owners in command of their RV faster than ever. Now, when a smartphone with the iN∙Command app connects to the system for the first time, the RV’s floorplan will automatically be synced to the app. This streamlines the set-up process so they can access the essential functions of the system from the app right away.

The final major update to the iN∙Command app is the introduction of a new supplier collaboration. The app will now integrate the functions of RV Intelligence’s RVIQWoBLR app.

“When asked if we would like to join into the outstanding companies that comprise the iN∙Command ecosystem, naturally we said yes. Together, RV Intelligence and ASA Electronics believe the WoBLR digital RV level adds another valuable tool to the fortunate owner of an RV equipped with iN∙Command,” said Herb Gingold, founder of RV Intelligence.

RVers will be able to interact with the WoBLR right from the iN∙Command app to precisely level their RV and set up camp.