ASA Electronics announced that AMP-Distribution, a new distributor based in New Richey, Florida, has met their tough qualifications to become a distributor of their ADVENT® line of RV roof top air conditioners.

“Prior to establishing AMP-Distribution, Mark Scott and Family RV were the largest dealers of ADVENT Air in the country, buying from Stag Parkway when they had exclusivity and subsequently from NTPSTAG, which no longer holds exclusivity and is no longer placing orders for ADVENT Air,” Rick Carver, ASA Electronics RV Aftermarket Manager said.

This partnership furthers ASA Electronics’ goal of offering more options to the RV dealers to make their products easily accessible and to help ensure a competitive balance is maintained.

“We know the RV dealer base pretty well, and we know they want to have options from wellinformed, service oriented distributors. Mark Scott’s experience, with respect to the RV air conditioning business, is unparalleled. ASA couldn’t have found a more knowledgeable, qualified or dedicated distributor of our ADVENT air conditioners,” Carver said.

In addition, AMP will also be distributing ASA Electronics’ industry leading JENSEN® audio and video products, along with its Voyager® brand of wired and wireless observation products engineered specifically for over-the-road use. Voyager® has been the number one brand in the category for many years.


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