ASA Electronics is partnering with Bongiovi Acoustics to bring their patented DPS Core Technology to select ASA products. ASA will be the exclusive marine industry supplier for this revolutionary Digital Signal Processing system.

“We really wanted to create a sound system that could stand up to the noise associated with boating while still maintaining a quality sound. The Bongiovi system gave us the capability to give our sound full volume without any distortion. We’re very excited about the results we’re hearing,” ASA Electronics President, Brent Barrow, said.

DPS Core Technology was created by legendary record producer and engineer, Tony Bongiovi, to ensure studio quality audio, no matter the surrounding circumstances. Bongiovi’s patented algorithm automatically adjusts and remasters music in real time so that everyone on the boat can hear the music the way it was meant to sound, without having to manually change any audio levels.

"Bongiovi Acoustics is proud to join forces with ASA to bring the world’s most advanced and innovative digital audio processing to ASA’s products.” said Tony Bongiovi. "This partnership takes the audio experience in marine environments to an exciting new level”.

Even with the engines running, the wind blowing, and the waves crashing boaters will still be able to hear their music perfectly. That’s because the human ear pays more attention to sounds to which it is the most sensitive. The DPS Core Technology optimizes the signal so that the most important sounds stay at a consistent volume without losing their impact or letting in unwanted outside noise.