ELKHART, IN. – ASA Electronics and XKGLOW of Athens, Illinois, are proud to announce a new global partnership. ASA has the privilege of bringing XKGLOW’s revolutionary LED light system, XKCHROME, to the marine industry. In addition to the exclusive marine partnership, ASA will also be offering the XKCHROME lighting system to the RV industry.

XKCHROME is the latest smartphone controlled LED lighting system from XKGLOW. The company pioneered that market in 2010 and has spent the last seven years consistently upping their game. ASA’s commitment to quality engineering continues to push XKGLOW’s product to the next level.

“ASA is known for providing super high quality products to their customers. XKGLOW has always had good quality, but we’ve never had to meet such rigorous testing procedures. ASA is requiring us to raise the bar for quality,” XKGLOW CEO and Director of Design, Dan Julian, said.

Through the partnership with XKGLOW, ASA is now able to offer our customers truly unique and completely customizable lighting systems that are easy to use. With the XKCHROME system and free smartphone app, users can decide on a whim what color they want to see. Gamma Correction Technology offers and endless spectrum of LED colors to choose from, even letting users “capture” color with their phone’s camera and see it immediately appear as LED light. The all new Music Sync function will even match lighting to the melody of the music.

“As a technology company that is always searching for differentiation, we are excited to partner with XKGLOW to bring a new level of lighting and lighting control to the marine industry. The XKCHROME app is a game changer that offers amazing versatility and customization while being extremely user friendly,” ASA Marine Industry Manager, Matt Wood, said.