When it comes to commercial vehicles, ASA Electronics knows that bigger is not always better for front end visibility. The Voyager® CVFPS16 Front Sensor System helps make maneuvering large vehicles less stressful. The system comes equipped with four sensors and an IPX6 waterproof camera. Visual and audible alerts help keep drivers fully aware of their vehicle’s proximity to objects.

The CVFPS16 will “plug n’ play” with virtually any Voyager® camera system; the independent sensors are spaced evenly along the vehicle’s front bumper and offer a three-foot detection zone. The audible warnings are sure to get the driver’s attention, as they become more frequent as the vehicle gets closer to objects. When an object is detected, the camera will trigger on automatically and transmit a video image showing the potential obstacle the sensors have detected.

“ASA is really focused on expanding our safety product line,” said Commercial Vehicle OEM Account Manager, Joe Camacho. “We saw such great results and received such positive feedback since the release of our rear sensor system; this was the obvious next step for us. We are continuing to develop products with safety in mind and we’ll be debuting some of those in the very near future.”

The sensors and camera can be used with any Voyager® LCD monitors. The CVFPS16 is an excellent addition to the ASA Electronics suite of safety and observation equipment and compliments our rear camera and sensor system product solutions.