ASA Electronics has expanded our line of sensor systems with the CVPS18 Four-channel system. The CVPS18 is an easy, economical way to outfit virtually any vehicle with the latest safety technology. The four ultrasonic, weatherproof sensorsare easy to install and can be painted to match the color of the vehicle, making them a universal solution for aftermarket application.

“We saw such success with our earlier sensor systems, but because they are calibrated systems they really need to be installed at the factory level. We wanted to create a sensor system that could make this important safety feature more accessible to our customers,” said ASA Electronics Vice President of Commercial Vehicle Division, Joe Camacho.

The CVPS18 sensors are designed to detect objects within a five-foot range of the rear bumper without requiring any calibration to aid in backing up or parking the vehicle. When the vehicle is in reverse, the sensors will trigger a speaker in the cab to emit an audible alert if an object should happen to get too close.

As the vehicle continues to back up, or as the object moves closer, the beeping will get more frequent. If the object comes within 16-inches of the bumper, a solid tone will sound. Audio speaker has three volume levels, low, high and off, to suit driver preferences.

The CVPS18 sensor system can be used in conjunction with other Voyager observation products, like back up cameras and monitors, to create a comprehensive safety system.