HD1BT650 Harley-Davidson Replacement Audio System



After shocking the airwaves with their HD1BT525 Harley-Davidson Replacement stereo package, ASA Electronics has upped their game by adding over an inch of booming sound with all-new 6.5” speakers. This JENSEN Power Sports audio kit, named HD1BT650, still features the true plug n’ play design that customers loved about the old package, allowing for both the stereo and speakers to fit into the factory fairings opening with ease.

“A 5.25” speaker can only reproduce so much bass, you need more cone area to produce more bass.  The larger 6.5” speaker allows us to provide deeper sound and the included adaptor rings make it possible to shoehorn in a 6.5” speaker into a fairing originally designed to handle a 5.25” speaker,” Fred Roetker, ASA Electronics’ HD Industry Manager explained.

Combine those speakers with the already incredible HD1BT stereo, which features Bluetooth, Sirius XM capabilities and a USB port, and get one awesome package of in-your-face beauty. It doesn’t only sound excellent, but it is aesthetically built to look great installed in a Harley.

For more information, contact Fred Roetker at FRoetker@ASAElectronics.com.



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