ASA Electronics is proud to introduce the JENSEN® HDX650 highperformance Harley-Davidson® replacement speakers to the Power Sports industry. These 6.5” speakers deliver more bass with a bigger sound than smaller 5.25” speakers and they mount into smaller existing speaker holes using the adaptors that are included in the kit. These speakers can be a direct replacement for the stock speakers in Harley-Davidson® fairings and are designed to provide excellent frequency response along with great cosmetics.

These rugged 6.5” 60 watt speakers have a high-end, yet resilient, design. They feature a Santoprene surround for added durability and a stamped steel basket to ensure a solid construction. The Poly-propylene woofer cone, 1” KSV voice coil and hybrid ferrite and neodymium 14.7 oz. magnet, all maximize the speakers’ performance. The grille mounted 1” dome tweeter provides component style performance while offering a great look and excellent separation due to its mirror image design putting the tweeters to the outside of the fairing.

For the ultimate audio entertainment experience, these speakers are a perfect match with the JENSEN® HD1BT Plug n’ Play Harley-Davidson® Replacement Stereo, and because of the unique 3-Ohm design, it is compatible with both 2-Ohm and 4-Ohm stereos. So whether you have the stock Harley stereo or an aftermarket car stereo, these speakers will sound awesome in your system. To ensure the highest quality and reliability, these speakers are strenuously tested to endure real life conditions such as high vibration, sun exposure, humidity, water spray, and extreme temperature fluctuations commonly encountered in motorcycle environments.