Mobile observation has finally come full circle with the SEE360 Camera System from Voyager®. The system comes with four wide-angle cameras that are custom-calibrated for every vehicle to give drivers a seamless, 360° panoramic view around their entire vehicle. Automatic and manual triggering camera selections allow drivers to get the full picture of what is around them in real time.


“Every discussion we have with a customer about the SEE360 is different because we’re trying to take our customer’s concerns into account when we’re creating their system,” said Commercial Vehicle Division Manager, Joe Camacho. “We really are programming an entire system specific to their trucks with the end goal of helping them attain their safety objectives.”


Because the SEE360 Camera System was engineered with a focus on safety, ASA Electronics guarantees full training and support from installation to customer support for the end user. Our highly trained technicians provide step by step instructions to our customers so that they become proficient at doing their own installations in-house. By passing on our knowledge and answering questions up front, we are able to ensure every vehicle gets the same end result of seamless, 360° visibility. Whether a driver is hauling valuable cargo or moving equipment around the jobsite, the SEE360 Camera System lets them maneuver their vehicle with confidence.


The system also includes a control module with four camera inputs and a video output for any Voyager® or JENSEN® monitor of your choice (sold separately.) To take full advantage of the SEE360’s 16 possible camera views, a monitor with a 7-inch screen or larger is recommended.