ASA Electronics is pleased to announce that The RV Factory will be using the iN-Command ProPlus RV Control System on their new Luxe Gold Luxury Fifth Wheels. The RV Factory will debut the new model at America’s Largest RV Show in Hershey, Pennsylvania for model year 2018.

“iN-Command is exactly what our customers have been asking for,” said The RV Factory President, Steve Janowski. “They have the smart technology at home and they want to be able to bring it on the road with them and the RV industry is finally starting to catch on. When we heard about iN-Command, we knew this system was the one for us.”

iN-Command ProPlus gives RV owners a new, high-tech way to set-up and maintain their campsite. A seven-inch touchscreen display commander and a smartphone app work together to give campers the control they crave. The ProPlus system offers remote control of nine motorized functions, panel functions like the water heater and generator, lighting, monitoring functions, and the patented Travel Lock Out.

“We were especially impressed with the Travel Lock Out feature. Just having the peace of mind knowing you aren’t going to make any of those awnings or slides pop out on the highway. It’s one of those extra mile kind of things that ASA adds to their products and that kind of thinking that makes me want to do business with them,” Janowski said.

All iN-Command systems are equipped with a safety feature called Travel Lock Out. This disables certain system functions while the RV is being transported from one place to the next. When the “Brake” or “Tow” signals are activated, iN-Command locks down motorized functions so they cannot be used on the display commander or mobile device. The only way to disengage the Travel Lock Out, is to press the “Unlock” button on the display commander inside the RV. This ensures that the Travel Lock cannot be unlocked accidentally from a mobile device.

 “These RV control systems handle a lot of really important aspects of the overall camping experience. So, we wanted to make sure our customers get a system with a proven track record of reliability,” Janowski said. “I’ve always liked working with ASA because that’s what they do: they engineer reliable products and iN-Command is no different.”