ASA Electronics continues to bring innovative safety solutions to the RV market with the Voyager® VBSD1 Blind Spot Detection system. The VBSD1 system was engineered with Class C motorhomes in mind, using visual and audible alerts to warn drivers of obstacles that aren’t visible in rearview mirrors. This OEM-installed system will make its debut on 2019 Forest River Sunseeker and Forester models.

“We want our customers to feel as safe as possible in our motorhomes, so when ASA told us they were working on a blind spot detection system, we had to have it. Cars have had systems like this for a few years now and it just made sense that a bigger vehicle with bigger blind spots would benefit from this kind of technology. And we knew the Voyager brand was the way to go,” said Sunseeker and Forester Sales Manager, Kary Katzenberger.

The VBSD1 uses radar detecting sensors on the rear corners of the motorhome that communicate directly with LED beacons installed in the cab. When a vehicle or other object enters the blind spot, the beacons will light up and remain lit until the blind spot is clear. If a vehicle enters the blind spot when the turn signal is engaged, the beacon will flash and an audible alert will also be triggered.

“We know this type of system works in the automotive market and we’re excited to be able to offer it for the RV OEM market. It’s the next logical step for a safer RV experience and it will work well with our existing Voyager products,” said Jeff Gray, the national OEM sales account manager for ASA Electronics’ RV and Trailering division.