ASA Electronics is introducing the latest Voyager® Rear Mount Camera to the RV market. The VCMS17B has been engineered to be tougher than ever, prepared to go the distance wherever your travels may take it.

This top-of-the-line rear mount observation camera is completely protected from the elements. With IP69K-rated waterproofing and ASTM-B117-tested corrosion resistance, the VCMS17B is designed to withstand any environment or weather condition. The 12VDC-powered CMOS technology ensures high noise resistance and low static power consumption. Combined with high performance color optics and 12 LED lights, the VCMS17B will give you a clear picture at night and on the brightest days.

This latest Voyager® rear mount camera has a 125-degree viewing angle, offering even better blind spot visibility than its predecessor, the VCMS10B. The VCMS17B also has a built-in microphone. Pair this hi-tech camera system with a Voyager® LCD monitor, and your fleet drivers will be better able to see and hear everything going on behind them when they’re changing lanes or backing up.

This fall, The VCMS17B is taking the place of the VCMS10B rear mount camera in our line of cutting edge Voyager® observation products. This new model fits the latest and greatest technology into a smaller package (2.76”W x 1.76”H x 2.07”D) for better aerodynamics and uses mounting hardware with the same hole placement, allowing you to upgrade your cameras with ease.