ASA Electronics is making it easier and more accessible for RV owners to install wireless observation systems on their coaches. ASA is now offering the Voyager® WVH100PW Prewire kit to RV manufacturers. The WVH100PW is factory-installed and has a 12 Volt DC connector that ties into existing wiring, bringing ASA’s innovative WiSight Digital Wireless technology to the coach. This kit is specifically designed to fit the WVH100 wireless camera, eliminating any complicated rewiring or electrical work.

All you need to outfit your RV with the WVH100 camera is a screwdriver! Simply locate the “Voyager®” plate on the back of your RV, remove the plate, plug in your camera, and match the mounting holes on the WVH100 camera with the holes that held the plate in place. Your RV is now equipped with a high performance, waterproof wide view camera with CMOS sensor technology and IR LED low-light assist.

The WiSight technology of the WVH100PW allows the camera to communicate with a wireless Voyager® monitor with no wires or interference. The kit maintains signal up to 90 feet away, even while driving down the road at highway speeds. The WVH100 is available as a kit with a 4.3” monitor (kit: WVHS43) or a 5.6” monitor (Kit: WVSH541). Both monitors come with suction cup mounts and plug in directly to the 12 Volt DC accessory port in your vehicle for effortless installation. Their compact size makes these monitors easy to store in a glove compartment when not in use.