XRV10 Bluetooth dash stereo


We, at ASA Electronics, announced the release of the XRV10 Bluetooth Multimedia system, our largest dash stereo to date. In response to customer demand, our engineers custom designed this mechless, touchscreen stereo with a massive 10.1” screen. The back of the stereo, however, is a standard double DIN chassis. Boasting three camera inputs, this feat of engineering eliminates the need for an external switcher box to move between camera views.

“Customers love the ability to switch from their rear camera to their side cameras without engaging a turn signal. The removal of the external switcher box gives the driver complete control of their observation while driving. They can still choose to engage their traditional switchers if preferred, or flip through camera views on the touch screen monitor. With this multimedia system, the driver has the option to stream their favorite music through Bluetooth, listen to the radio, connect their device through the AUX or USB connection, or utilize their SiriusXM account,” Jim Hess, RV Industry Manager at ASA Electronics said.

Perfect for Class A motorhomes, the XRV10 offers a customizable speaker zone center as well as millions of background illumination color choices so drivers can add their own preferences to the interface. Its rear HDMI/MHL connectivity, A/V playback via USB and wireless remote combine all the latest technology in this large, capacitive touchscreen stereo.