Polk Speakers continue to prove themselves worthy of accolades, this time by taking home both the Gold and the Bronze awards in the TopTen Reviews, Best Marine Speakers of 2017.

After over 80 hours of research and 30 of testing, the top ten team found that the Polk Ultramarine MM6651 was the best sounding, most durable marine speaker for your boat, coming in first on the list of the 10 marine speakers the team put together. To determine their winner, the team tested the audio quality, power handling, and durability of each speaker.

“It’s an honor to receive the Gold Award for the MM series and the Bronze for the new DB+ series,” said Bill Turner, Director of Sales, Polk Audio.  “Polk strives to create state-of-the-art products; for today’s  lifestyles.  The highly-anticipated next generation of the legacy MM series is scheduled to launch in May and, we believe, it will set an even higher standard in the Marine audio world.”  “We are proud to be partners with Polk and to be able to bring high-quality electronics to our marine OEM customers,” said Matt Wood, Marine Industry Manager.

In addition to their speaker line, Polk UltraMarine offers a full list of marine electronics for your boat, including stereos, subwoofers, amplifiers, wake tower speakers, and accessories. 

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