ASA Electronics continues to push the boundaries of Smart RV technology with the latest update to the iN•Command app, available for free on Android and iOS smart devices.The update will allow RV owners to control more aspects of their RV than ever before by allowing the iN•Command app to communicate with other app ready elements in the RV, including Jensen® stereos, Equalizer leveling systems, and Carefree awnings.

iN•Command Control Systems have evolved from basic motorized, lighting and monitoring functions. The latest version of iN•Command supports Climate Control and offers Global Connect functionality, meaning select functions can be controlled from virtually anywhere in the world. Now, iN•Command will be able to interface seamlessly with the JENSEN® jControl app so iN•Command users will have easy access to entertainment controls. This is just one aspect of iN•Command’s ever-growing set of features and functionality.

“Through the life of iN•Command, we have been steadily working toward giving RV owners the ability to control their entire RV from one app. We started with one of our own apps to make sure the user interface was as simple and smooth as possible. Now we are able to work with other suppliers behind the scenes to work towards our ultimate goal of a clean and simple user experience,” said Jim Hess, Vice President of ASA Electronics’ RV division.

The iN•Command app already incorporates the functions of Equalizer System’s EQ Smart Level app and Carefree of Colorado’s Carefree Connects app to control leveling jacks and awnings, respectively. ASA Electronics hopes to continue expanding the functionality of iN•Command by continuing to work with other suppliers behind the scenes, giving RV manufacturers more options to create a cohesive system for their customers.

The latest update to the iN•Command app will be available in Google Play and the App Store by October 1st.