ASA Electronics continues to expand the functionality of their iN∙Command Control Systems with the NCSLED3Z module. Using a RV-Cconnection, OEMS can add this module to the base Body Control Module of the iN∙Command system. The BCM can accommodate eight additional modules. With the NCSLED3Z, manufacturers can add control of up to three dimmable LED light zones per module, with the possibility of creating as many as two dozen separate light zones.

We’re constantly looking for new ways to make iN∙Command more customizable to meet the needs of our different customers,” RV Industry Manager Jim Hess said.The light dimming module lets the manufacturer decide how many light zones they want without having to add different switches or panels on the inside of their unit.”

The light dimmingmodule allows the RV owner to turn lights on and off andcontrol dimming levels with the touchscreen display commander inside the RV or with their smart device using the free iN∙Command app.