ASA Electronics is proud to announce they will be providing JENSEN stereos and TVs to inTech Trailers for their new Luna models. The Nappanee based trailer manufacturer is unveiling the new unit at the Elkhart RV Open House. The Luna will be equipped with the brand new JWM70A wallmount stereo, which boasts industry-first independent volume control of three speaker zones, as well as 40-inch TVs.

“We’ve been using ASA for quite some time, not only as a supplier of quality electronics but as a partner that has helped provide us with solutions. ASA carries the highest quality components are specifically designed for over-the-road use,” said inTech Trailers Vice President of Sales, Rich Schnippel.

The JWM70A stereo effortlessly integrates technology into the RV, giving inTech Trailer owners more control over their devices with the jControl smartphone app from JENSEN. RV owners can wirelessly pair their Android or iPhone with their stereo via Bluetooth, allowing them to stream all their favorite tunes while using their phone as a wireless remote control.

“We’re very comfortable using ASA’s products because we know the extensive testing and R & D that goes into each component. We’ve taken particular notice to the improved aesthetics of the products they offer and we especially appreciate the easy communication that they have between their stereos and televisions. The range of 12V and 110V TV’s that they are offering is unmatched. We look forward to continuing our relationship as our company expands our RV offerings,” Schnippel said.

ASA Electronics is proud to back the complete line of JENSEN® products with a unique Hassle Free Warranty program that guarantees their products will be free from defects for 12 months.