Press Releases


ASA Electronics Statement on COVID-19 Protocols
March 19, 2020

Like all of you, we at ASA Electronics have been closely monitoring the development of the COVID-19 Pandemic. At this time, we are fully operational with no plans to shut down our Elkhart, Indiana facilities. We are currently following government recommendations to reduce the spread of the virus and will continue to do so.

ASA Electronics® Releases New 7-inch Voyager Monitor
March 16, 2020

ASA Electronics is updating the Voyager product line with the VOM718 7-inch LCD Observation Monitor. The VOM718 is a direct replacement for the AOM713 7-inch LCD Observation Monitor. The new monitor is compatible with all Voyager cameras and has three camera inputs to support a robust observation system. Common configurations include a rear camera with two side body cameras for blind spot coverage.

ASA Electronics® Introduces Auto-calibrating 360-degree Camera System
March 4, 2020

ASA Electronics® is debuting their all-new Voyager® Auto-calibrating 360-degree Camera System at the 20th Anniversary Work Truck Show in Indianapolis. The advanced auto-calibrating software combines the images from four cameras to create a seamless panoramic view around the entire vehicle. The revolutionary system was designed to simplify the installation process, with current software support for four common vehicle types: walk-in vans, busses, semi-trailers, and heavy duty vehicles.

ASA Electronics® to Hold Press Conference at Work Truck Show
February 24, 2020

“ASA Electronics, in conjunction with Morgan Olson, will be hosting a press conference at the 20th Anniversary Work Truck Show. Morgan Olson will be exhibiting two vehicles outfitted with never-before-seen Voyager product to debut the latest observation technology for the commercial vehicle market.”

ASA Electronics® Revamps Voyager QuadView Monitor
January 13, 2020

ASA Electronics is expanding their Voyager product line with a new and improved seven-inch QuadView monitor. The VOM719WP is a direct replacement for the VOM74WP to easily upgrade any Voyager observation system.

ASA Electronics® Sponsors New NMMA Show Feature
January 8, 2020

ASA Electronics has partnered with the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) and Discover Boating to help bring education and entertainment to NMMA show attendees.