ASA Electronics® Launches the All-In-One Safety Solution



ASA Electronics® announces the launch of the Voyager® All-In-One (AIO) Safety Solution Camera System. Voyager® AIO offers an integrated and customizable selection of safety systems, including, but not limited to, a 360° camera view, vehicle condition alerts, and proximity sensors. Voyager AIO easily integrates with existing commercial vehicle systems and is designed to advance the safety solution offered on commercial vehicles.

“Our goal was to create a product that replicates the safety solutions available on most newer consumer vehicles. Commercial fleet drivers are often tasked with driving vehicles that have limited safety systems available. We want to provide a platform that makes it easy to add more safety technology to commercial vehicles,” said Joe Camacho, Vice President of Commercial Vehicles.

As vehicle applications change and OEM chassis solutions evolve, Voyager® AIO will adapt to maintain communication with the vehicle’s CAN-BUS communication protocols.

ASA Electronics® is displaying a model of this system through March 8th at the NTEA Work Truck Week.


ASA Electronics, LLC designs and manufactures electronics for mobile industries engineered to withstand various unique and harsh environmental conditions. Since 1977, ASA has secured numerous patents to develop groundbreaking products. The Elkhart, IN-based safety, observation, and sound equipment provider is a distributor in specialty markets for JENSEN®, JENSEN Marine®, JENSEN Heavy Duty®, iN∙Command®, Voyager®, ADVENT® Air, SiriusXM® Satellite Radio, Polk Ultramarine®, Klipsch®, and XKGLOW® products.