ASA Electronics Debuts Voyager Vision App at NATDA Trailer Show



ASA Electronics joins the Annual North American Trailer Dealers Association Trailer Show with a slate of ground-breaking new technology, including the brand new Voyager Vision mobile observation app.

The Voyager Vision app is designed to bring trailer observation to virtually any tow vehicle by turning the driver’s smartphone into a wireless observation monitor when connected to the WVOS2TX Voyager Wi-Fi Transmitter.

“We realized quickly that the same tow vehicle isn’t always pulling the same trailer. We wanted to create a way to get observation safety technology on as many trailers as possible as efficiently as possible. We started looking at a tool pretty much every driver already has in their pocket: a smart phone,” said Jeff Gray, vice president of ASA Electronics’ trailer division.


The Voyager Wi-Fi Transmitter has a rugged and compact design that allows it to be installed on any part of the trailer as long as there is a reliable 12-volt connection from the tow vehicle. The transmitter is compatible with Voyager’s complete line of wired cameras and can support up to two wired connections at once for low speed and stationary observation. As soon as the transmitter is connected to power, it begins sending a wi-fi signal that can be connected to the smartphone.

Once the connection is made, the Voyager Vision app will immediately pick up the camera feed. Divers can choose between a single or split-screen view as well as “normal” or “mirror” orientation depending on their needs and camera configuration.

This is the Elkhart-based company’s first year exhibiting at the NATDA Trailer Show. To learn more about the future of trailer technology, visit our virtual booth or contact Jeff Gray.