iN∙Command® App Update Brings More Alert Features

ASA Electronics is giving RV owners even more control with the latest update to the iN∙Command® Control Systems app. The free smartphone app is available for iOS and Android devices, for use with iN∙Command® Control Systems with Global Connect™. iN∙Command is the first control system to give RVers the option to set custom alerts for their water tank levels, battery voltage, and interior coach temperature.

“We are always listening to customer feedback to improve our products. The request we have received most often is for alerts from the thermostat and water tanks. No one wants to come back from a hike on a hot day to learn the air conditioner hasn’t kicked on or that there’s no fresh water to take a shower,” said Jim Hess, vice president of RV sales at ASA Electronics.

RV owners can set their own custom alert ranges for temperature, battery voltage, and fresh, gray, and black water tank levels. The app triggers a push notification on the smart device when any of those systems enter the designated alert range. For example, if the RV owner doesn’t want their coach to overheat, they would set the maximum temperature and would receive an alert as soon as the temperature exceeded that number.

iN∙Command Control Systems use CAN Bus signals and gateways to communicate with other systems in the RV, like the HVAC and tank sensors. This technology relays information from the other systems to iN∙Command which in turn uses Global Connect technology to send the information to the app over a cellular or WiFi connection.

This update also enhanced iN∙Command’s ability to communicate with other systems on the RV. This includes diagnostic reporting from select air conditioning units for troubleshooting common HVAC issues. RV owners with Zamp solar panels will also be able to access the monitoring functions of the Zamp Solar CINDER™ 40 charge controller through the iN∙Command app for a simplified user experience.